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Pallet Seals

Topp Clip Pallet SealPallet seals are used to secure your shipping pallets, helping prevent theft and unauthorized access to the contents inside. We offer different packages depending on the size of your project.

We also offer custom pallet seals at affordable prices, low minimum order quantities, and fast service. For customized product, please call 888-416-0443 for more info.

  • Tamper Evident Pallet Labels

    Tamper Evident Pallet Labels

    • Tamper evident labels with unique serial numbers
    • Apply the label directly onto the strapping crimps, just peel and stick
    • Self VOIDING label indicates tampering of the original crimps
    • Missing labels indicates original strapping/crimps were replaced.
    • Typically a minimum of 2 labels are required / pallet
  • Topp Clip Pallet Strapping Seals

    Topp Clip Pallet Strapping Seals

    • Topp Clips are our best pallet seal system
    • Specialized components with unique (random) serial numbers
    • The pallet banding is crimped at the metal Topp Clip
    • The use of standard crimps anywhere else indicates tampering
    • Broken or missing seals indicates tampering