Parent Company

NovaVision, LLC

NovaVision specializes in tamper evident tape, tamper evident labels, hologram labels and other unique products to combat tampering and counterfeiting.

NovaVision also operates two wholly owned companies:

- CGM-NV produces and markets tamper evident products formerly sold by CGM-AST (see Press Release for more information about the transition from CGM-AST to CGM-NV). All CGM-NV production is located in Ohio.

- Thermal Images distributes thermal printing ribbons and labels and is located in Ohio.

NovaVision conducts business globally and has over 5000 active customers each year. Our major customer groups include governments (USA federal, state, county, municipal and international), large international companies, retailers, and collectible companies. In addition, we provide products to brand owners, ski resorts, pharmaceutical/drug companies, hospitals, banks, trucking/logistic companies, and over 1000 small businesses.

Founded in 1994, our headquarters and production facility in Bowling Green, Ohio, has a total of 40,000 square feet. NovaVision's Ohio operations have 65 full-time employees.

For more information about NovaVision, see the main website:

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