Security Bags

Security bags are used to secure documents, personal effects, cash, or other valuables.  Typical applications include:

  • crime scene evidence
  • confidential documents
  • cash from retail and convenience stores
  • personal effects for hospital patients
  • dice and playing cards for casinos
  • valuables stored in a vault at a hotel
  • securing drug samples for pharmaceutical testing
  • chain of custody tracking

All of our security bag products feature a tamper evident closure system using VOID tape. After inserting the contents, the security bag is sealed. After sealing, if the closure is opened, it will show some form of tamper evidence (the bag will be torn, the word "VOID" or "OPENED" will be visible).

The security bags on this page are transparent for viewing the contents, which is required in some applications.  If you want to use a transparent bag, but conceal the contents, first place the contents in a opaque envelope or bag, then seal it in the security bag.

Security bags are one-time use and are disposed after the initial use.

We also offer custom security bags at affordable prices, low minimum order quantities, and fast service. For customized product, please call 888-416-0443 for more info.

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