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Topp Clip Pallet Seal

Pallet seals are used to secure your shipping pallets, helping prevent theft and unauthorized access to the contents inside. We offer different packages depending on the size of your project.

We also offer custom pallet seals at affordable prices, low minimum order quantities, and fast service. For customized product, please call 888-416-0443 for more info.



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    Pallet Seal Starter Set
    Topp Clip™ Starter Set for Plastic or Metal Strapping, ZTCP-50-MS

    The Starter Kit is intended for lower quantity projects. It contains 50 seals and a hole punch.

    The components of the set (Topp Clip™, plastic seal, and tamper evident label) are available with matching or non-matching serial numbers.

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    Topp Clip components: metal clip, plastic seal, and tamper-evident label
    Topp Clip™ Master Carton for Plastic or Metal Strapping, ZTC-200-MS

    The Topp Clip™ system is designed to secure a pallet by indicating evidence of tampering with banding or strapping. Other applications include banding on containers such as crates, totes, slip trays, etc. Each Master Carton has 200 sets -- enough for 200 standard size pallets. The seals have matching serial numbers for the set (Topp Clip, plastic seal, and tamper evident label). If you prefer to have random numbers, simply mix the components.

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    Additional Topp Clip Labels
    Additional Topp Clip™ Labels, 5.75 in x 3.75 in, Red, Roll of 100, XS343B-69RESN-100

    As an option for added security, add multiple Topp Clip™ Warning Labels on the pallet. The labels feature pre-assigned serial numbers, which are unique and consecutive. Sold in rolls of 100 labels

    Package Contents:

    • 100 tamper evident warning labels
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