DualGuard™ Cable + Bolt Security Seals, Adjustable Length, 5.0mm DIA x 76 in. long, MS-C5B9-76KY

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C-TPAT Compliant
CTPAT and ISO 17712:2013 Compliant High (H) Security Seal

Adjustable Length DualGuard™ Cable + Bolt Security Seals, 5.0mm DIA x 76 in. long, MS-C5B9-76KY

As a new customer, have you considered the GeminiGuard™ Cable Seal? GeminiGuard™ is an excellent alternative high security cable seal which features 2 cable locks on a central head with the cable protecting both keeper bars and hasp, requiring 2 separate cuts for removal to further safeguard against tampering.

C-TPAT Compliant

Our DualGuard™ seals include a 5mm diameter cable seal and 9mm bolt seal in a unitized construction. The cable and bolt seal are both CTPAT compliant, meeting the new design and construction standards of ISO17712:2013. The cable is 76 inches long, which allows for a minimum double-wrap around the locking rods of a trailer or cargo container. The bolt seal secures the door latch.

Use a bolt cutter to remove the seal. Removing requires two cuts — one for the cable and one for the bolt.

The DualGuard™ is also an affordable barrier seal compared to competitive barrier seals that can be removed with a bolt cutter.

Sold in individual seals. 50 seals per case.

Features and Benefits

  • Matching serial numbers on the cable and bolt
  • Matching bar code on the cable lock
  • Anti-spin feature on bolt provides added security to prevent un-authorized entry
  • Extra thick steel bolt for added durability
  • Wider head on bolt and locking mechanism for added security
  • Longer operational length bolt for added clearance (and convenience) for bolt cutter access to cut the bolt for removal
  • For added security, to remove, the cable and bolt must be cut separately
  • Bolt lock and cable lock have the words "SEALED" imprinted on them

Custom imprinting is available. Please call for details on custom orders.

More Information
Weight 0.659000
Size 5.0 mm DIA x 76 in
Color Yellow
Material Hardened Steel
Compliance ISO 17712:2013 High (H) Security Seal, C-TPAT
Locking Type Adjustable Length
Stock Imprint "SEALED", Barcode of Serial Number, Serial Number
Serial Numbers Yes
Selling Unit Seal
Selling Unit Qty 1
Item Unit seal(s)
Case Dimensions 13 in x 7 in x 11 in
Case Weight (Lbs) 32.95
Case Qty 50
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