Custom Cable Security Seal, Adjustable Length, Black, 5.0 mm DIA x 54 in long, MS-C5.0-54K-C

$3.39 per Seal
+ $0.00 Setup/Order
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C-TPAT Compliant
CTPAT and ISO 17712:2013 Compliant High (H) Security Seal

Premium Cable Seal: 5.0 mm diameter (0.196 inch) x 54 inches, Adjustable Length

Adjustable-length cable seals can be tightened for a snug fit after threading the cable into the locking channel.

After the locking mechanism is engaged, the cable seal can only be removed with a cable or bolt cutter.

The cable is constructed of galvanized steel aircraft cable, which will unravel upon cutting. This feature minimizes unauthorized reuse of the seal, which might be attempted by re-threading the cut cable into the locking mechanism of an adjustable cable seal.

Cable seals are a one-time use product.

All of our cable seals are manufactured in facilities which are CTPAT compliant.

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Weight 0.352600
Setup Fee (Per Order) $0.00
Size 5.0 mm DIA x 54 in
Color Black
Material Aluminum
Compliance ISO 17712:2013 High (H) Security Seal, C-TPAT
Locking Type Adjustable Length
Stock Imprint None
Serial Numbers Yes
Selling Unit Seal
Selling Unit Qty 1
Item Unit seal(s)
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