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Topp Clip Master Carton for Plastic or Metal Strapping, ZTC-200-MS

Product Code: ZTC-200-MS

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Quick Overview

The Topp Clip® system is designed to secure a pallet by indicating evidence of tampering with banding or strapping. Other applications include banding on containers such as crates, totes, slip trays, etc.

Each Master Carton has 200 sets -- enough for 200 standard size pallets.

The seals have matching serial numbers for the set (Topp Clip, plastic seal, and tamper evident label). If you prefer to have random numbers, simply mix the components.

Topp Clip components: metal clip, plastic seal, and tamper-evident label

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Thieves can easily access pallets with conventional banding and remove and replace that generic banding with little skill or effort. After the banding is removed, the contents can be removed and/or contraband can be added.

The Topp Clip® system is designed to secure the pallet by indicating tampering with the banding. Other applications include banding on other containers such as crates, totes, slip trays, etc.

The Topp Clip® system features 3 components, which together provide both a deterrent and evidence of tampering:

  1. Metal Clip for Banding
  2. Plastic Adjustable Seal
  3. Tamper Evident Warning Label

Each component has a unique serial number.

Once applied, tampering or replacement of the banding is extremely difficult without leaving signs of tampering.

A visual inspection protocol is essential to achieve the maximum effectiveness. The Tamper Evident Warning Label facilitates recording of the component serial numbers atop the pallet.

Also, the shipper should record the serial numbers on the shipping documents. And the receiver should verify the component serial numbers and look for other signs of obvious tampering.

After your cargo reaches its destination, you can use the Topp Clip® protected pallets as a storage security tool to help save time when counting items or when taking physical inventory. Additionally it allows you to prevent tampering or theft of pallet contents and also to avoid repacking for cross-docked or trans-ship freight.

The Topp Clip® system meets the chain of custody specifications of the TSA for sealing CCSF containers.

For added security (and for larger pallets with multiple banding), use two or more Topp Clip® devices.

A standard tensioner and crimper are the only tools needed to apply Topp Clips®.

A special hole punch is required to apply the plastic adjustable seal. This punch can be purchased separately. The punch is also a standard item in the 'starter kit' (ZTCP-50-MS) along with 50 Topp Clip seals.

A 'refill kit' consists of 200 Clips, 200 Seals, and 200 Tamper Evident Labels.

Additional Information

Weight (lbs) 16.0000
Selling Unit Case
Selling Unit Qty 1
Item Unit case


  1. Metal Crimping Clip
    • Material: Galvanized steel
    • Thickness: .020 inch thick (typical)
    • Suitable for .50 inch wide strapping 
    • Affixed with red, tamper evident label (VOID OPENED) with serial number
  2. Plastic Seal
    • Material: Polypropylene plastic
    • Plastic strap dimensions: .10 inch diameter (typical), minimum 5 inch length
    • Imprinted with serial number
    • Color: Yellow, but may vary
  3. Tamper Evident Label
    • Film Material: Polyester, minimum .001 inch thick
    • Tamper Evident Message: VOID OPENED
    • Label Color: Red
    • Imprint Color: Black
    • Adhesive Material: Permanent Acrylic
    • Minimum Application Temperature: 45F
    • Service Temperature (after applied): -40F to +180F
  4. Product Packaging
    • Carton Qty: 200 Topp Clip sets
    • Carton Dimensions: 12.5 in x 12.5 in x 6 in
    • Carton Weight : 16 lb

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