Re: ISO-17712:2013 Certificate of Conformance for Bolt Seals, MS-B10

September 10, 2021

NovaVision certifies that our bolt seals (MS-B10 series) are in compliance with ISO 17712:2013.

Applicable product codes:

* Stock: MS-B10Y

A. We have an independent lab test report to verify the construction and structural aspects of the standard:

Lab Test Report #K0901010-T01 issued by Metal Industries Research & Development Center

B. We certify that our MS-B10 series meets the dimensional criteria, which includes a minimum 18mm width of the bolt head and locking mechanism.

C. We certify that our MS-B10 series bolt seals received a PASS on the structural testing on all criteria and is rated as a High Security Seal:

C1. Tensile Test (Paragraph 5.2): High Security Rating

C2. Sheer Test (Paragraph 5.3): High Security Rating

C3. Bending Test (Paragraph 5.4): High Security Rating

C4. Impact Test at Room Temperature (Paragraph 5.5): High Security Rating

C5. Impact Test at Reduced Temperature (Paragraph 5.5): High Security Rating

D. We certify that our MS-B10 bolt seals are compliant with ISO 17712:2013 Clause 6 for tamper evidence. NovaVision is certified for ISO 9001 for Security Tape, Labels and Seals. Our ISO documentation includes:

  • Our product designs including features to mitigate tampering
  • Periodic tamper evident testing to confirm performance
  • Tamper evident testing is documented and part of our ISO audit procedures




Peter T. Carella
Product Engineer, NovaVision

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