Re: ISO-17712:2013 Certificate of Conformance for Barrier Seals (MS-BAR20, 21, 22)

December 21, 2021

NovaVision certifies that our barrier seals are in compliance with ISO 17712:2013 as a high security seal:

Applicable Product Codes (stock and custom product):

  • Barrier Seal: MS-BAR10 (without cable seal)
  • Barrier Seal: MS-BAR11 (which is the MS-BAR10 with an ISO-rated cable seal)
  • Barrier Seal: MS-BAR12 (which is the MS-BAR10 with an ISO-rated cable seal and a cargo door seal)
  • Barrier Seal: MS-BAR13 (which is the MS-BAR10 with an ISO-rated cable seal and shackle inserts)
    1. We have an independent lab test report on file to verify that our barrier seal has passed the construction and structural requirements for High Security Seals:
      - Lab Test Report K1206035-T01 by Metal Industries Research & Development Center
    2. We certify that our MS-BAR10 barrier seal received a PASS on the structural testing on all criteria and is ISO-rated as a High Security Seal:
        Tensile Test (Paragraph 5.2): High Security Rating
      1. Sheer Test (Paragraph 5.3): High Security Rating
      2. Bending Test (Paragraph 5.4): High Security Rating
      3. Impact Test at Room Temperature (Paragraph 5.5): High Security Rating
      4. Impact Test at Reduced Temperature (Paragraph 5.5): High Security Rating
    3. We certify that our MS-BAR10, MS-BAR11, and MS-BAR13 seals are compliant with ISO 17712:2013 Clause 6 for tamper evidence. NovaVision is certified for ISO 9001 for Security Tape, Labels and Seals. Our ISO documentation includes:
      • Our product designs including features to mitigate tampering
      • Periodic tamper evident testing to confirm performance
      • Tamper evident testing is documented and part of our ISO audit procedures



Peter T. Carella
Product Engineer

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