CGM-NV Phasing Out Production at Staten Island

December 19, 2011

Re:  CGM-NV Phasing Out Production at Staten Island

In June 2011, NovaVision created a new company (CGM-NV, LLC) to exclusively produce and market the products owned by CGM Security Solutions (CGM-SS).   Some of the product brands include SecureTRAC® tape, CartonSECURE® Tape, Stretchwrap SECURE® Tape, TRAC® labels, and Topp® Clips.  Throughout 2011, most of these products were produced in Staten Island, NY.

Also in June, CGM-NV announced plans to continue producing security tape and labels in the Staten Island facility through December 2011 at which time the production would be transitioned to NovaVision's facility in Bowling Green, OH. 

In the last 60 days, we have been actively transferring production to Ohio.

We are now at the point where all production for CGM-NV will be transferred to our Bowling Green, Ohio facility.  Effective December 22, 2011, we will discontinue operations at the Staten Island, NY facility.

We want to thank the Staten Island employees (Joe, Gale, Rufus, Jimmy, Washington and Errol) for their continued support in helping to make a smooth and orderly transition for our customers.  Also we want to thank them for their many years of hard work and contributions to develop and improve the security tape and labels that have become the industry standard.

Looking to the future, our Ohio facility is ready and capable to continue providing excellent products and service for all the CGM-NV customers.

To place orders, please call us toll free at 888-416-0443.

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Michael Messmer

Mike Messmer
President, CGM-NV
VP Gen Mgr, NovaVision


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