No-Rez Labels, Green, 3" x 1", Roll of 1000, XSG21-25GNSN

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Green No-Rez (Non Residue) Tamper Evident Labels. Pricing based on a minimum order quantity of 1000 No-Rez Labels

The Green No-Rez Label has all of the same features as our traditional T.R.A.C. seals label but with the added benefit on a completely non residue void.

Green No-Rez Labels are perfectly suited for trailer door seals where adhesive residue cleanup is undesirable. It can be used as a self validator for SBS pharmaceutical packaging and for tamper evident labels on bottles, computers or electronics.

Green No-Rez Labels are printable and die cuttable and can be used with traditional label dispensing machinery.

Other uses for Green No-Rez Labels are as evidence seals for cars or confiscated vehicles to insure there was no contamination of the vehicle while unattended. It is a far better choice than frangible acetate as is easily removed, non staining and uniquely numbered.

More Information
Weight 1.210000
Selling Unit Roll
Selling Unit Qty 1000
Item Unit label(s)
Size 01 in x 03 in
Color Green
Material Polyester
Serial Numbers Yes
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