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Pallet Wire Seals

Our pallet wire seals are another option for combating tampering and pilfering of palletized product. Thieves typically remove the original banding, remove product, then replace the packing and banding. To protect your palletized product, just thread a pallet wire seal under and around the pallet. Each seal is 200 inches long -- enough to go completely around a 48x48x48 inch pallet. A typical pallet requires a minimum of 2 wire seals. If tampered, the seals will show a broken seal.

Each wire seal features a unique serial number. For added security, record the serial numbers on the bill of lading. A visual inspection protocol is essential to achieve the maximum effectiveness. The receiver verifies the seal serial numbers and looks for other signs of obvious tampering. Missing or spliced wire seals would also be a sign of tampering.

The lock on the seal is constructed of durable polycarbonate plastic, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor conditions. Stock pallet wire seals are available in white with unique serial numbers printed on the surface. They are available for immediate shipment.

If your pallet also uses conventional crimped strapping to secure the load, for added security use our tamper-evident pallet labels to secure the crimped seals on the strapping.

We also offer custom wire seals at affordable prices, low minimum order quantities, and fast service.  Customized seals provide more security. We can include your custom text and serial numbers on the stock seal. Black is the only imprint color.  For a total custom product, we can also customize the seal color and/or provide a custom length.  For customized product, please call 888-416-0443 for more info.

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